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British Museum App

The British Museum is one of the premier museums of the world. With one of the finest collections spanning two million years of human existence and everything ranging from Ancient Egyptian and Far-Eastern civilizations to Meso-American cultures, the British museum has a fascinatingly dizzying variety of objects showcased. A Visitor guide app is a handy […]

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Ancient Olympics – Most celebrated Olympian of All-time

When the American swimmer, Michael Phelps, won the 200m Butterfly Gold in the Rio Olympics, he levelled one of the longest-standing records of all-time. The 2168-year old record for the most individual successes in Olympics. It was set by the famous athlete Leonidas of Rhodes in original Olympic games of 152 BC. Leonidas won his […]

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Vanity of Kings – The story behind the colossal Rameses II statue in British Museum

If you have been to the British Museum, you are very unlikely to have missed the colossal, handsome statue of Rameses II benignly looking down at the visitor. The calm visage of the statue forebodes the patience of a man who has witnessed a few millennia and the serene knowledge that he will outlast us all […]

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