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Olympics – The original 8th century BC version!

The XXXI Olympics has begun at Rio in Brazil. As always, it promises to be a spectacle of, well, Olympian proportions! This Olympics has 42 sport disciplines (306 events) and is spread over 19 days of intense and thrilling competition amidst the sandy beaches and spectacular surroundings of Rio. The original Olympics dates back to […]

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Vusiem Guides featured on Appliv

Our British Museums and Louvre Museum App guides have been featured on AppLiv one of the premium App discovery sites on the web!  

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Unearthing the sunken cities of Herakleion

Alexandria on the Nile delta was a prominent centre of the Greco-roman civilization. Unlike the ancient Egyptian excavations at Luxor, cairo etc very little has been found of this syncretic culture that blossomed near Alexandria. Despite appearing in the works of Homer, Herodotus and others, the cities of Heraklion, Canopus and other such cities had disappeared […]

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3D video reconstruction of the Egyptian Amarna Period

Looking back, the so-called Amarna period was an amazing period of Egyptian history. A period during the latter half of the eighteenth dynasty (1543-1292 BC), it was characterized by phenomenal advancements in religion, sculpture, architecture, language and art. It all started with the pharaoh and his queen shifting their royal residence to Akhenaten (‘Horizon of […]

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