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The Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin is home to many of the world’s finest masterpieces in art and sculpture. It houses works of the leading painters of the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of the greatest masterpieces of Adolf Menzel, Carl Blechen, Arnold Böcklin, Caspar David Friedrich and Schinkel is here. It also features a compact but virtuoso collection of French Impressionist artworks. The museum is part of the world heritage Museuminsel (Museum Island) complex. It is a must-see for all Berlin tourists and art connoisseurs.

This app is specifically designed for the Alte National Gallery. It contains comprehensive descriptions of the best artworks within the gallery. It is accompanied by HD images and descriptions to introduce you to the painting and the author. You can use the tour feature if you desire to be guided through the top works. Or you can browse and search through each hall at your leisure.

This is a beautiful app for a gallery of outstanding quality! This app contains several features to help you with a virtual tour of the gallery including:

– Search for any painting or artist
– Artist Bio, Descriptions and Genres
– Highlights tour
– HD Images that you can zoom in for a closer look
– Practical Information for your visit
– Interactive maps

This app is the perfect companion for the world-famous Berlin National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie). Download the app and Enjoy your virtual Museum experience.


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