Infusing Technology into Museums with Vusiem SmartMuseum platform

Apart from Apps, Vusiem also offers its easy-start technology platform to Museums, Galleries and Tourist destinations to ensure visitors can access their visitor guides on a smartphone or tablet.

  • App-Enable your museum guides for a low upfront cost and be live on the Apple, Android and Amazon Appstores within Days. With our unique SmartMuseum technology platform, getting your museums presence into the world of Apps is a breeze.
  • Increase revenue opportunities through targeted promotions for Musem Shop & cafe offerings, Memberships and Museum exhibitions.
  • Create Interactive layouts with easy Information access for Museum Visitors
  • Bring the Museum Shop to your app with our add-on e-Commerce platform
  • Revolutionary Vuzee, Artificial Intelligence personal Assistant (Bot) platform for Visitor conversations
  • (Optional) Accurate location-based navigation (Additional Capital investments needed)
  • Track object interest and usage with embedded data Analytics

Platform Feature Overview

Rapid Setup and low-lead times to "App-ify" your museumdi87LM8ie
Easy-to-Use Interactive Maps di87LM8ie
Enable for Offline Usedi87LM8ie
Embed Audio-guides and Videos into Object descriptionsdi87LM8ie
Create Augmented Reality (AR) narratives for highlighted Objectsdi87LM8ie
Curated and Customized guided toursdi87LM8ie
Vuzee, AI Chatbot platform for automated visitor conversations and recommendationsdi87LM8ie
Increase Museum Shop Revenues with contextual recommendationsdi87LM8ie

Get in touch with us using the form below in case you are interested in creating your Museum App with our SmartMuseum Platform.

We offer very attractive pricing options and revenue-sharing models for Museums and Galleries.